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Windows 8 Support

Date published: September 20, 2011

Date last modified: June 19, 2012

Issue: Support Windows 8.

Additional information: Portlock is currently working on Windows 8 support. Microsoft has added a number of features to Windows 8 and we will be adding support for these features.

We are currently testing with Windows Release Preview (Desktop and Server) released by Microsoft on May 31, 2012.

Almost all of our products support Windows 8. Portlock Storage Manager Client and Portlock Leap Frog require the most work as we are adding support for the new VHD format and Hyper-V features.

Note: These releases support Windows 8 Release Preview as a BETA level product release.

Downloads: The following products have been improved to support Windows 8.

Portlock Boot CD (Based upon Windows 8 Release Preview)

Portlock Device Manager

Portlock Drive Explorer

Portlock Gadget

Portlock Leap Frog

Portlock Storage Manager Client

Portlock Windows Update Manager