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How to install Portlock Storage Manager on NetWare from Portlock Boot CD for NetWare, version 5.0

Date Published: May 23, 2008

The files on the Portlock Boot CD are accessed using two of the following methods. The Portlock Storage Manager files for NetWare are located at the root of the ISO image. Download the latest version of the Portlock Boot CD using the Portlock Storage Manager Client (formally called Portlock License Manager) and burn the ISO to a CD-ROM.

Perform the following procedure to mount a CD-ROM on NetWare 4.x:

  1. Load CDROM.NLM
  2. Type CD Volume List to get the label of the disc in the CD-ROM drive
  3. Type CD Mount <cdrom_label>

Execute the following command to dismount the CDROM:

  1. CD Dismount <cdrom_label>

Note: For NetWare 5.x and 6.x, CD-ROMs are automatically mounted when CDROM.NLM is loaded

  1. Mount the CDROM at the server console.  Use the SMART-assigned drive letter (CD_ROM) and type load CD_ROM:\stormgr\netware\pinstall
  2. Load install.nlm (NW3.x and 4.x) or nwconfig (NW 5.x and NW6.x) and specify “CD_ROM:\stormgr\netware\stormgr.ips” as the path under product options

Note: For NetWare 5.x and 6.x you do not need to use the load command before an NLM.  For example, load Portlock Storage Manager on NetWare by typing sys:/stormgr/stormgr.nlm. For NetWare 3.x and 4.x you must use the command load.  For example, load sys:/stormgr/stormgr.nlm.