Portlock Leap Frog

Microsoft Native (VHD) Boot Limitations

The following are Microsoft Windows limitations with native (VHD) boot and are not limitations of Portlock Leap Frog. Wherever possible, Portlock Leap Frog will try to prevent creating bootable VHDs that will not work correctly.

  1. Portlock Leap Frog does NOT support creating a bootable VHD on a USB drive.
  2. Windows XP cannot be installed into a VHD. Windows 7 - 10 desktop (professional / enterpise) and server are supported.
  3. Bitlocker does NOT support Windows 7 when running from VHD.
  4. Operating systems booted from a VHD do NOT support hibernation.
  5. VHDs that have been compressed are NOT supported by native boot.
  6. You can only attach a VHD that is located on an NTFS volume.
  7. 2 TB (2048 GB) limit on VHD size.
  8. Portlock Leap Frog does not support creating VHDs on a destination volume that is located on a Windows Dynamic Disk.

Portlock Leap Frog Limitations

  1. Differencing VHDs are not supported.
  2. Systems that dual-boot with Linux are NOT supported.
  3. Windows XP 64-bit Edition is not supported.
  4. 640x480 resolution is not supported.